Scholarship Programs

GSFA is your source for keeping up to date in the floral industry.  As professionals, it is our responsibility to learn of new products, new ideas, new trends, and how to make these a reality for our customers.

Also, during the convention there are three major scholarships awarded to deserving members of the Association.

These competitions for scholarships are open to all members of the Georgia State Florists' Association.  The rules and regulations are set forth by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

The Clarence Croy Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded for $1,000 to be used at any school or approved design show/program of the recipients choice that is related to the floral industry and must be used within the year awarded.

The Wholesalers Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded for $500 to be used at any design school or class related to the floral industry and must be used within the year awarded.

The B.J. White Certification Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a member of the association desiring to receive their Georgia Master Florist Certificate.  It covers the cost of all on-line classes, hands-on class and onsite design evaluation.

B.J. White, a most elegant lady, was an important person in the development of the Georgia State Florists' Association and the Floral Industry in Georgia.  A talented, creative and hardworking individual,  she was undeniably dedicated to the Association.  She held offices on her District level and was President of the Association from 1985-1986.  During her reign, she brought us the Georgia Master Florists' Program, modeled after Texas State's Program.

She was a visionary President for our State.  Participating in Texas State's Convention and the FTD Conventions were an annual pilgrimage for B.J. Attending these conventions was where she spend her vacations.  And with this quest for knowledge she gladly passed on her learning and love for the industry to us.  She proudly displayed her "I support Georgia State Florists' Association" bumper sticker on her car, which we noticed as we passed her on Highway 16 on our way to Convention!


The Scholarship Program was introduced at the Georgia State Florists' Association Convention at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia, on March 2, 1986.


The purpose of the Scholarship Program is:

1) To upgrade the present skills, and to develop new skills, of florists in Georgia.

2) To encourage more active participation by individual florists at the District and State levels.

3) To promote high floral standards, thereby strengthening the status and advancement of the floral profession.


1) The Scholarship Program is open to any paid State Member who has been a member for at least 12 months.

2) The winners will receive up to $1,000 to attend a floral school/ program of their choice, subject to the approval of the Scholarship Committee.

3) The applicant will be interviewed by the Judges named by the Scholarship Committee.

4) The applicant shall compose a written essay explaining why they should be awarded a scholarship.

5) The applicant shall submit at least two (2) letters of recommendation from employer, wholesaler, teacher or professional associate.

6) Schools/ Programs selected by the applicant must be approved by the Georgia State Florists' Associations Scholarship Committee. These schools/ programs are not limited to Georgia.

7) The Scholarship Committee may choose not to award the Scholarship if they feel no applicants are qualified.

8) The completed application form must be received by the Committee fifteen (15) days prior to the convention.  Each applicant will be notified that their application has been received.

9) Each applicant will be responsible for his or her own personal convention expense.

10) Each applicant must be present for a personal interview on the assigned day and time which will be provided prior to convention.


Any Georgia florist is eligible to apply who:

1) is a PAID, ACTIVE, STATE member for 12 months PRIOR to the current convention;

2) has not received a GSFA Scholarship in the past five (5) years;

3) desires to pursue a planned program of study; and

4) is willing to give their time and energy to promote the Florist Industry in the State of Georgia per the recommendations of GSFA.

For more information on Scholarships please contact:

Judy Moon

Buckhead Wright's Florist