Georgia Master Florist

GMF Certification Program

GSFA's Floral Education Course is designed to benefit everyone from sales to designers to shop owners.  The Floral Education Course provides a standard of professional excellence which is recognized throughout the industry. 


File an application for eligibility.  You must be a paid member of GSFA in good standing.

Once eligibility is verified, you will be able to register for the GMF Certification Program. The next step in this program is to complete and pass nine on-line courses. These courses allow applicants the flexibility and the freedom to excel at their own pace based on personal needs.  Courses of interest can be taken individually for those not wishing to pursue their GMF Certification. These courses are $65 each.  For each course, applicants have two attempts at the exam for that course. Additional attempts will be available at a cost of $20 each. Applicants must receive a test score of at least 90 for completion.

Online classes are as follows:

Principles of Design

Care and handling of Cut Flowers and Foliages

Concepts of Care and Handling of Foliage and Flowers

Customer Relations

Employee Relations

Daily Business Procedure

Advertising, Promotions, Marketing and Public Relations

The Art of Effective Visual Merchandising
Flower Shop Delivery Concepts


Once you have completed all 9 online courses, you must complete and pass a hands-on class and exam.  The cost for the hands-on class is $150.  These are scheduled annually prior to convention based on the applicant and instructor's schedule. Applicants must receive a score of at least 90 on the final exam given at the hands-on class.


Once you have completed the hands-on class, you must complete and pass a Design Evaluation Session.  This is an onsite design evaluation held at Convention.  The cost for this evaluation is $150. 

During this evaluation you will be required to complete 3-4 designs within a three hour time limit.  Designs will be evaluated by qualified Evaluators.  Designed will be evaluated on a scale from 1-5. 1 being poor, 3 being average, 5 being excellent.  Applicants must achieve a minimum final average of 3.75 in order to be certified as a Georgia Master Florist by GSFA.

If an applicant should not achieve a minimum of 3.75, the applicant would be eligible to enroll for onsite design evaluation the following year.  Fees would apply.

If an applicant successfully completes the online courses and hands-on class and gives proper notice that they are unable to attend the Design Evaluation Session, then the applicant would be allowed to participate in the following year's Design Evaluation Session without additional cost.  There will be no refunds or transfers to the following year for "No Shows" or failure to give proper notice.

For more information please contact:

Jenna Naylor Temple, AIFD, CFD, GMF