Designer of the Year

The Cooke Cup


Competition is open to any current paid GSFA member.  Contestants must be a paid current member for at least 12 months, prior to entry deadline date  and have attended at least 3 district or state functions within those past 12 months.

There is a $100 non-refundable entry fee and check must be included with application.  Deadline for entry in 2020 is February 21st. 

There must be a minimum of 3 entries for the competition to be held.  If this requirement is not met, the other contestants will be notified and entry fee will be refunded.

Rule and Guidelines

Flowers & Tools

All Flowers, foliage, containers and  supplies needed to complete the required designs will be provided by GSFA.  Each contestant will be given a certain number and variety of products from which to create the designs.  All participants will receive an identical supply of flowers, foliage, containers and supplies.  Supplies will include: floral tape, floral foam, utility wire, tape, wooden picks, oasis glue, and other supplies dictated by the Retail Director.

Usage is at the discretion of each designer.

Candidates must furnish their own tools and will be allowed to bring only the following tools into the design room:  Contestants are not allowed to use any tools or products not on the list.  Doing so will result in disqualification, entry fee will not be refunded.

- Extension Cord (must be at least 15’ long)

- A Floral Knife

- A Glue Pan or Glue Gun and Appropriate Glue

- A Pruner

- A Ribbon Shear

- A Wire Cutter

Sharing or trading between contestants is not allowed.

General Information

The competition will be held annually at the Georgia State Florists’ Association Convention.  The Competition will and can be “opened” or “closed” as space allows and the time chosen for the event should not greatly interfere with any other convention activity.

The competition consists of 5 designs to be completed in 2 1/2 hours. The general categories include a Sympathy design, Party design, Bridal design, Hospital design and a Mystery design.  Each design category is worth a maximum of 50 points.

Product decision and category design specifics used in the competition will be the decision of the State Retail Director.  These will be revealed to the contestants just prior to the competition.

Each contestant should report thirty minutes prior to the competition for instructions and materials related to the competition.  Any questions will be answered at this time by the State Retail Director.

Each design will be scored based on the following: Category Interpretation, Creativity, Scale 

(proportion), Unity (harmony and texture), Balance (Physical and Visual), Focal Emphasis, Line (Movement and Rhythm), Depth, Color (Harmony, Balance and Rhythm), and Mechanics 

(Professional Application).

The following point system will be used to determine the score for each category.

The point breakdown is:

1-   Not Acceptable

2-   Below Average

3-   Average

4-   Above Average

5-   Excellent

One score sheet will be completed for each designer by category. Every arrangement will be assigned a three digit identifier and a letter will identify the category.

Evaluators/Judges are to be selected by the State Retail Director from the approved GSFA list of certified evaluators and/or usually visiting AIFD members can serve as evaluators.  Evaluators will be monitored by the State Retail Director at all times.

Upon completion of the judging, all scores will be turned over to an auditing committee.  Scores and ranking will be returned to the Retail Director.  The final results will be reviewed by the judging panel for accuracy if needed.  All decisions are final.  If tabulations yield a tie between contestants, the score of the mystery category will be used to the break the tie. When the winners are announced, scoring sheets will be returned to each contestant.  Inquiries can then be made concerning judges comments.

The DOY winner will be announced during the President’s Banquet and will be awarded the prize money of the upfront amount of $250.00 and the remaining $250.00 will be presented after the regional or national competition is completed.  The winner will receive the traveling trophy for one year and a personal trophy at the following year’s convention.

The First runner up will receive a plaque and the price money of $300.00 and the second runner up will receive a plaque and the price money of $200.00.  If for any reason, the winner cannot fulfill these duties, the first runner up will take their place.  The winner of the competition cannot compete in the Designer of the Year Competition the following year.

The DOY winner is also expected to provide a stage program at an upcoming GSFA event.

Districts are encouraged to continue monthly design competitions for the benefit of the contestants in evaluating their work and preparing them for State Competition.  Districts are not required to hold monthly competitions for contestant qualification.

Learn More

For more information about competitions, please contact:

Maxine Gibson


The Cooke Cup Winners

1989     Todd Bussey
Bussey's Florist & Gifts, Cedartown

1990    Marlin Hargrove

Holloway's Florist & Gifts, Statesboro

1991     Charles Duchscard

Martina's Flowers & Gifts, Martinez

1992     Sharon McGukin, GMF

Designer's Touch, Carrollton

1993     Jimmy Threat, GMF

Meme's Flowers & Gifts, Roswell

1994     Ronnie Barrett, GMF

Flowers By Barrett, Moultrie

1995     Irene Taylor-Schuler, GMF

Flowers, Etc., Gainesville

1996     Carl Berry

Berry's Floral Co., North Augusta

1997     Bill Lindeman, AIFD, GMF

The Noble Oak, Inc., Lawrenceville

1998     Candy Connor

Foxglove Flowers, North Augusta

1999    Jimmy Threat, AIFD, GMF

Meme's Flowers & Gifts, Roswell

2000    Randy Stone, GMF

Dublin Floral Shop, Dublin

2001     Gregory A. Brown, AIFD

Foxgloves Floral, Atlanta

2002     Tim Cash, GMF

B & G Florist, Suwanee

2003     Kathy Deitz, GMF

Marietta Flower Shop, Marietta

2004     Ellis Collins

Ellis' Florist & Gift Shop, Valdosta

 2005     Angelyn Tipton, GMF

Goggans Florist, Columbus

2006     Randy Wooten

Delorice's Florist, Douglas

2007     Sherry Moon, AIFD, GMF

Buckhead Wright's Florist, Buckhead

2008     Angelyn Tipton, GMF

Goggans Florist, Barnesville

2009     Lynn Vallotton, GMF


2010     Kathy Deitz, GMF

Marietta Flower Shop, Marietta

2011      Angie Head, GMF

The Garden Gate Florist, Monroe

2012     Jenna Naylor, GMF

Ederyn Floral, Stone Mountain

2013     Randy Stone, GMF

Classic Florist, East Dublin

2014     Jenna Naylor, AIFD, CFD, GMF

A Daisy A Day, Snellville

2015     Angelyn Tipton, GMF

Goggans Florist, Barnesville

2016     Randy Stone, AIFD, CFD, GMF

Classic Florist, East Dublin

2017    Jenna Naylor, AIFD, CFD, GMF

Bloom WIth Jenna, Grayson

2018    Angelyn Tipton, AIFD, CFD, GMF

2019    Jenna Naylor, AIFD, CFD, GMF

Bloom WIth Jenna, Grayson